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Sawirus Ibn Muqaffa`, History of the Church part 12 - Christian History Prostitutes Samannud


And, likewise, the monasteries in all the lands of Egypt al-Misriyathe made them all Samannud, and he did Prostitutes give to a Samannud jurisdiction, Prostitutes in the churches of the cities alone. Benjamin Banyamin 1.

Then he seized two senior amirs of the Kurds al-Akrad , and they were Baha ad-Din [I]bn Malkisu and Nasir ad-Din [I]bn Burlas, and he caused the three to be sent to the Fortress of Sadr under guard, after he had taken possession of all their wealth. And it was a document of lengthy explanation, and this is the essence of its contents, and we have abridged them for fear of prolixity. Meinardus, Christian Egypt Ancient and Modern, 1st ed. And they decamped, and they progressed with difficulty on the way until they met with Al-Malik an-Nasir; and they agreed with him that they were of one accord with those who were friendly to them and against those who were hostile to them. Search inside document.

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And there gathered against him the servants, and they constrained him to bind on the girdle, and he bound it, and they constrained him to remove the fringes of his turban and he refused; and they multiplied against him, and they pressed him, and he threw away the girdle.

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And it was said to him the patriarch: And, likewise, the monasteries in all the lands Samannud Egypt al-Misriyathe made them all Samannud, and he did not give to a bishop jurisdiction, except in the churches of the cities alone. And As-Sarim sent his letters to the bishops that they should be present, and eleven of them, Prostitutes bishops, came, and among them were nine who had written their signature.

And they marched round the visit web page of the Sultan, dressed in chain-mail and with arms, from the evening until Samannud morning.

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